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Life & Legacy

Why BJE? It’s simple…

…because Jewish education and experience are the keys to the continuity of our people.

…because teaching our children now ensures their place in our Jewish future.

…because we want a vibrant community of learning, alive with intellect & yiddishkeit.

At the BJE we have an impact on the entire Jewish community. Our involvement begins with our youngest members. We promote Jewish learning through books and music and sponsor events that build and nurture lasting bonds among our young families.

Our programs for teens expand their understanding of the richness of Jewish values and the shared history of our people including our connection to Israel through Kulanu School of Jewish Studies.

Education is a lifelong pursuit. Our programs also offer our adult community the opportunity to meet, study and learn with others, promoting intellectual growth and fostering bonds.

     Why BJE? Because your dreams for the future are our dreams for the future.

 Contact  Josh Cutler at for more information on becoming a Legacy Donor!


LIFE & LEGACY is a partnership program of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation that assists communities across North America, through partnerships with Jewish Federations and Foundations to promote after-lifetime giving to build endowments that will sustain valued organizations and vibrant Jewish communities for the next generation and beyond.

Please ensure your legacy by becoming a Legacy Donor and make our dreams come true.

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